Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Classes in Pierce County this week!

Get yourself into social marketing with classes this week in Pierce County.

Wednesday, Jan 20 at 10 am Get Connected on the Internet at
Home Team NW in Puyallup

Thursday Jan 21 at 9 am Blogging and 1 pm Twitter at
Keller Williams on Tacoma Mall Blvd..

Email Natalie or just show up for any of these classes! You are welcome to come! Get yourself online and connecting this new year! Don't wait.. NOW!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There's so much to learn ... I can barely keep up!

This social media revolution is like raising kids. They grow... regardless of what you do they get bigger and change. As a parent I was always trying to catch up with the new lingo, the new toys, the new activities, the new teachers, the new fads. I always felt a little behind the 8 ball. But the more I kept informed, the better relationship I had with my kids.

Its the same for social media. You will never know it all. The guru's that I try to be close to on a regular basis are also learning every day. I think... "Gads, you are brilliant! Look how much you know! You have it.. you can do it all! " .... and then the next time I see them they have taken another leap into some other aspect of the social media world.

So I try to make sure I do something every day. I keep myself on Facebook all the time. Really, I am amazed how many people I communicate with about work! I made appointments, scheduled classes, helped a couple agents with clockhours etc!
I go on Twitter every day. If I do anything I just send a tweet but also make sure I am responding to anything someone tweets about or to me!
I try to write in my blogs or post photos.
I make sure that I tell at least 10 people about my website, a blog or my YouTube channel.

Every day I make an effort to learn something. Today I watched a video about how Steve Jobs is a magnificent presenter. Do I zap my audience with enough visuals and an "ah ha" moment? I saw a 4 minute video on TED talks where a guy explained the power of the internet connections using example of naming the Greenpeace whale "Mister Splashy Pants." (amazing example!) Then, I read Seth Godin's blog and went to links about iPhone apps. He has an app which I need to download that on my iPhone! Then I jumped to Anil Dashes blog about his take on being on the Twitter.com Suggested User List. I learned so much about noise on Twitter and the effect or non effect millions of anonymous followers can have and how important it is to go for your target. Then I followed real estate agent, Rich Jacobson's tweet about how Kitsap Peninsulas sales have climbed a bit. I registered for a Biznik event featuring the author of "Drive" about what motivates us. I clicked on a blog with a photographer takes one photo a day in Seattle... where did he go yesterday? And I either commented or shared what I learned with someone else via email or blog or facebook!

So learn something new online every day... every single day. And then do something every day to connect with people. Because, this keyboard in front of me is my connection to the world like no other tool ever! A television is one way communication. But, the internet and social media tools let me connect back!