Friday, June 25, 2010

We assume the earth is always pointing north

Whenever we see a globe or photo of the planet earth, north is always on the top. Yes, in relationship to the sun, the earth spins on its own axis and we dance with the sun. But, in terms of the entire universe... we could actually be upside down. Or, is there an up and down in the universe. We are but a mere speck in the cosmos. Technically, couldn't the globe be upside down and be just as accurate. Do we assume north is "better" than south? hmmm...

Dipping your paws in ink for fingerprints

Most of us would remember if we were convicted of a crime... if we had the mug shot, the fingerprints, the court appearance. Now, I can't say ALL of us would remember... but I'm rather sure most of us!
The real estate Department of Licensing will be requiring all real estate agents current and new to be fingerprinted over the next six years.
This past month I had fingerprints taken as part of my application to get a Coast Guard Captains 50 ton Masters License. I had to get a TWIC card (transportation workers id card). I pressed my little paws onto the fingerprint pad over and over... took so many tries... evidently IO have weak prints. But, I can tel you, even though I am pretty sure I don't have a criminal record that the FBI might find... it still is a bit creepy. Kind of the "Big Brother" government tracking me thing.
And so I wait for ... how long?... to find out that I am cleared.
The fingerprints and FBI check for your real estate license might give you the same creepy feeling. But, you are required nonetheless to have them taken. It's like when you get your license tabs for your car... every so often you have to have an emissions test. The Department of Licensing will notify you on your renewal form if you have to go dip your paws in ink. N0 stress!