Monday, September 27, 2010

The iPad is a remarkable tool!

Take a bite out of the Apple and get an iPad. When I hold this new sleek took I lusted after, I feel like I am touching the future of computing!!!
  • It doesn't come with a book of instructions. A child can figure it out.
  • There is virtually no time to load, power up, or search.
  • The colors are vibrant
  • Books are easy to read and bookmarked. Why would we need text books in the future?
  • Movies play instantly and are clearer than life... they almost look 3D
  • There are apps that let you do everything you can do on your laptop
  • There are apps that let you do things you wish you could do with your laptop
  • There isn't software to load, pay for, or register.
  • It is fun to use!
  • The keyboard on the touch screen is silent, reacts with touch as light as a feather
  • It is so visual....
  • There is no mouse... just touch and click...
  • Can go from one app to another instantaneously
  • Everyone around me at the Apple store was younger than 30, it seemed.
  • It is hard to put it down.
  • Some of the apps,... like Flipboard that makes Facebook like a magazine... are fascinating.

Oh I could go on...
But, why get one for your business?
Because you can browse for homes so easy. A listing presentation could be made so easily. Your contacts and emails open with just a click. With apps like Dropbox you can store anything like a contract or flyer or photo on one computer that is online and almost instantly it is accessible on the iPad. Because you can read books to learn more. Because you can blog anytime on it. Because it is easier to carry and lighter than your desktop (do you still have one) or your laptop. Because videos load so easily. Because apps are added every single day that will make it an even better tool.

Because the iPad is the future and that IS where your business is going.

Purge the "policy"

There is nothing that irritates me more than a company policy that makes it difficult to be a consumer. The other day I paid a bill early... in anticipation of receiving it... and the check was returned. It was their "policy" to not accept payment before due. What a stupid policy. There are just so many policies that feel like brick walls. Policies are just rules someone created to make it easier on the company and not for their own customers. Practically every policy I have come up against is just plain stupid and can be reversed with a nod from the "boss."
Have you hit up against a policy that irked you? Do you have your own policies that cause your customers to say "ugh?"