Monday, July 25, 2011

Connect with People as One of Your Priorities

Your business ultimately comes from people that know you. Though we are always juggling all our priorities, the most important aspect of our business is our clients and prospects. We have to find time to connect with them and build relationships.

The economy has taken a toll on just about everyone. We start our day wondering where our next prospect might be hiding and if our transactions on the books will ever close. And then add all the social media and technology that bombards us.

First of all, know that the search engine will not just find you another client. We all know that the agents in the business for the long haul grow their business from their sphere. Trying to find a prospect from the world wide web that will buy a house this month is like trying to win the lottery.

The challenge is how to connect with your sphere? That is where all the tools, referred to as social media, will help. Choose the ones that work for you and help you connect. Social media is here to stay in one form or another.

If you get a notice for a committee meeting, you might first think, "Can you just email me the information?" If a friend actually invites you to dinner, your first thought might be, "How can I get there in time with rush hour traffic?" If you are busy with the kids and the phone rings, you might think, "I hope they leave a message on the voice mail." We just don't get out and actually connect and talk to people as much as we used to. Technology has given us ways to make that connection and build relationships.

Choose three ways to connect with people. Don't worry about the search engines or an expensive website. Look at all your family, the clients you have had in the past, your friends, the neighbors, and club members. You need to create a better relationship with them. They need to know where you are and how to find you and whether you are still in the business! Use the free tools out there and create a conversation. Try to create a relationship and conversation that is not just based on real estate... it may not be their favorite topic right now!

Get yourself on facebook, build your connections and chat daily.
Start a couple blogs. Use free and easy templates like this one at blogspot, or Tumblr. Just think of a name and get going. Then post links to your blog on facebook and at the bottom of every email.
Think of a third way... sending notes, calling, having events, sending a newsletter, tweet on twitter, have a video blog on youtube, etc.

The time it takes to start something that simple is negligible. It is probably comparable to writing an ad for a homes magazine and a classified ad.

Don't worry about what all the techies out there promote. Don't try to buy your way into social media. Don't moan and groan about the time it takes.

Even though I pride myself in knowing about most of the latest tools, I have several blogs, I am at this computer constantly, I still don't get it all done. I don't take time to learn the new tools (like Google+), I forget to write in my blogs, and I just don't talk to enough of my prospects on a regular basis. I just wish business would come to me this Monday morning. But, I have to keep on my top three ways to market my business.

Just create conversation with your sphere. People will work with you as an agent if they know you, like you, and trust you. Find ways to get yourself connected online in simple and free ways.