Friday, January 11, 2013

Looking for my motivation

Today I couldn't find my motivation.  I spent most of the day at home looking for it.  I tried searching the refrigerator which resulted in too much grazing.  It could have been buried under the bills and miscellaneous paperwork on my desk, which did lead to a few productive moments putting papers in recycle.  I thought maybe I'd find it somewhere near my piles of books and then I found myself flipping through old books looking for gems of wisdom.  Then I finally opened my computer which has an infinite number pf ways to get distracted.  Finally, I contacted three of my best friends and chatted with them and I found great advice.

There are days that we all lose our motivation.  Sometimes it's important to just spend those days looking around in your own space.  I did eat too much, but I did find some great ideas in books I had just stacked up in my den.  I did get to the point of finding the color of the top of my desk by just putting stuff in the recycle.  I did contemplate my future as I looked for motivation.

the advice from my friends...
Imagine what you want to be like as an "old lady!". The age doesn't matter... And the money or house is unimportant... What kind of person do you think others would describe you as?  I said I want to still laugh every day, use my talents, and give more.   So I need to imagine the future..l whether it is next week or in ten years.  I am moving forward... I continue to go forward even though today I feel stuck!

The next friend suggested that I should get busier as the year starts out.  We all get more done when we are busy.  Just "do things." because your motivation will come and you will be more focus if you are busy and not just contemplating.

The third friend suggested that I "create.". Just use your talents and create something from nothing... Whether it is writing a class, a blog post, a newsletter or a greeting card.  Because when we create there is motivation.