Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are you Linked

Sometimes I can hear a collective groan from a group of real estate agents when I mention how great another social media tool is. is like a Facebook for business professionals that has search capabilities.  It can be a fabulous way to build a network that is easier than going door knocking in a neighborhood in the rain.  You can just sit at you computer and you can connect with people that work at a certain employer in town, who are based in your town, or who use certain keywords in their profile.  You can also connect with those in your industry and learn the latest news and trends.

AND ... Maybe most importantly YOU can be found by prospective clients!  If you meet with a prospect that works at Amazon, for example, they may jump on LinkedIn and check out your resume, recommendations and also who else you are connected to... Maybe even at Amazon!

Go get your profile on LinkedIn and then sign up for one of my classes and make it more effective!  It is not just a time waster... It is a powerful tool that can build your business in the next year!